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Massage Stones,Charminer Drilled Rose Quartz Body Massage Stone 3Pcs Set Gemstones Exercise Yoni Egg to Kegel Exercise

Massage Stones,Charminer Drilled Rose Quartz Body Massage Stone 3Pcs Set Gemstones Exercise Yoni Egg to Kegel Exercise

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    • ★ Easy to use: Lay down comfortably, open the legs and insert the egg with the bigger part first. Use only the tip of your finger to ease it in. Once it has passed the opening of the vagina, the yoni walls will pull the egg in. Yoni eggs can be used during meditation, while sitting down watching television or doing work, or while walking around doing every day activities.
    • ★ 3 Size Jade Eggs: 100% rose quartz stones with durable string, Suitable for all users: Large size (45 x 30mm), Medium size (40 x 25mm), Small size (30x20mm). Suggest you using large one first if you had baby.
    • ★ Safe & Suitful: More smooth surface than other seller as using outstanding hand craft and finishing on durable healing material. No any chemical treatment or dyeing. Start jade egg practice using it can help to gain better bladder control.
    • ★ Suit for beginner & advanced user: No matter you are a beginner user who has weak love muscles or advanced user, this yoni egg set is fit for you. This set is both a functional set for training pelvic floor muscles tightening yoni and beautiful art. For exercise, decoration display, crystal healing or spiritual purpose.
    • ★ Natural Genuine Stone: Each egg is guarantee 100% natural and genuine gemstone is used and top quality workmanship.Rose Quartz is the love stone! Adds positive love energy to relationships. Compassion and forgiveness. Calming, helps clear stored anger, resentment, jealousy, fears. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. WORRY FREE! ORDER NOW! Any problem please feel free to contact us.


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4.65 / 5.0
I love the steam and the brush as they are less damaging to my hair and I don't feel I am ruining my curl pattern. I also don't get that BURNT smell like I do when using a flat iron (which I no longer use). I love that the brush GLIDES through instead of pulling my hair out. Both combine to make my hair soft and flowy. It feels lighter and not as heavy as using a flat iron did. Also love the fact that the cord doesn't tangle. It's thick and sturdy. Definitely worth the money for me. Will wear it out and buy another. Not going back to flat irons! My only issue now is how to clean the brush head...gotta Google or YouTube search it.
February 09, 2019
Sigh fi fan
The reason I buy these "moccasin" type shoes is because they should be very soft leather and a little baggy so that they shape to the foot. This is the first brand I've had to send back because it was too small. Pretty, but too small.
February 05, 2019
So cute and comfortable. Great price too.
February 03, 2019
These shoes are absolutely adorable. The yellow color is very pretty and not to bright of a yellow color. The leather is very soft to the touch and fit. They look very nice on my feet and they hug and show off the cut of the shoe nicely. I ordered a size 8 as my regular shoe size is an 8 as well. Glad I made this purchase and I may consider ordering in other colors if available.
January 12, 2019
My boyfriend loved it.
January 11, 2019
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