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Clear Cross-Body Messenger Shoulder Bag, Charminer Adjustable Strap Handbag-NFL Stadium Approved Clear Purse

Clear Cross-Body Messenger Shoulder Bag, Charminer Adjustable Strap Handbag-NFL Stadium Approved Clear Purse

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  • ➤➤Adjustable Crossbody strap fit however you want it,for hands-free carrying on the go and turn lock closure.
  • ➤➤It is very elegant and practical ,can store cosmetic,glasses and pocket money, phone, etc.Perfect for all ages women ladies.
  • ➤➤Size(L x W x H): about 22cm/8.66"x7cm/2.75"x13cm/5.11" .Shoulder belt: about 113cm/44.48".please pay attention to size, not just judge it by intuition.
  • ➤➤Material: PVC Plastic, waterproof design - Easy to clean inside and out.Lining:Polyester.As the use of plastic, it will inevitably taste, but soon disappeared.High quality plastic and great craftsmanship, not the cheap item.
  • ➤➤Pass through security with the clear bag and avoid being rejected at the gate or door .Suitable for workplaces that require clear bags and meets NFL and PGA Tournament guidelines, what's more,It is casual easy style and suitable for many occasion like School, Excursion, Going out, window shopping etc.Also,You could DIY Decoration Paster On this Bag.


Average rating:
4.75 / 5.0
Taylor Staehr
Hard to get into but good quality
June 30, 2019
Maggie Ruano
Nice for traveling is clear through
April 08, 2019
Emma Cherney
I had never bought anything like this for myself before, but I figured there is a first for everything and I had to survive the recent polar vortex in MN with some creativity indoors. This definitely does not feel much like a real person pleasuring you, however this is not a strike against it, trust me! Make sure to use plenty of lube before firing it up. It is pretty loud, but not unreasonably loud. The motor can’t handle too much force or if you push in too deep, but I promise you will find the sweet spot that works for you. There are a lot of buttons that are not marked well on the device or the manual, but you will figure that out in due time. This is not meant to get you off as fast as possible, but meant to help you really enjoy your self pleasuring experience for a longer duration leading to a stronger orgasm. Pro tip: once you figure out how it functions and how you like it, I highly reccomend turning it so the buttons face towards your feet... trust me!! Update: I lost the charger for the device due to my own lack of organization. I reached out to customer support on Facebook messenger, and they were happy to ship me a new cord. Great customer service, great product. Highly reccomend to any male looking to change up their self pleasuring routine. Cons, if any is how loud it can be, and the lack of clarity on what buttons do what. Also this doesn’t feel like a real person, so if that’s what you are looking for, this probably isn’t it.
February 20, 2019
Let me tell you how the game should be played. Take out your lube and pour more into the cup. Then turn on the machine and let it run for five minutes, and its interior will heat up. At this time, everything is ready, you just need to put your cock in her mouth, at first she will be a little resistant, do not care, press her back of the head, and force it in! She sucks cock and swallows it bit by bit. Of course, it's great to switch the peristaltic force to the maximum gear. Finally, put all the milk into her mouth, don't worry, cleaning is a very easy thing.
February 19, 2019
This has been the device of it's kind that has been large enough and comfortable enough that I can use. Now if y'all could make a silicon doll that could be fitted with this device That could bring great changes.
February 07, 2019
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